Designer Profile

Deborah Pagani designs for women like herself, a tribe definitely proud of their femininity. Veritable femmes fatales inspire her, yielding themselves as instruments of power. Drawn to the curved shadows and stark shapes of art déco as well as to the silver screen stars of that era, she works on style codes that have stood the test of time. Pagani´s fine jewelry is like the designer and her muses – a rare combination of glamour and elegance.

Deborah Pagani debuted her fine jewelry line as a personal experience after fourteen years in the beauty industry in New York. Quietly, Pagani began creating jewels for herself. Reaction was swift: when she wore her pieces, they were quickly snapped up by private clients first and select boutiques soon after.

Her collection developed into a statement of all-American beauty, luxurious yet understated. Through design, Pagani works around a woman´s face and body like she did in her previous career. In many ways, the designer conceptualizes fine jewelry, using it as a wondrous tool to bring out the best and the brightest in a woman.